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Northwest Tucson/Marana/Oro Valley Therapeutic Massage

Many times we recommend massage therapy in combination with your chiropractic care, injury recovery or spinal decompression plan.  

Types of Massage

There are many different kinds of massage therapy. Craniosacral therapy seeks to normalize the flow of cerebrospinal fluid while holding specific points and is very suttle. Relaxing Swedish massage is designed to promote general relaxation. Nimmo/Trigger point therapy softens and removes muscle knots(myofascial trigger points) and is slightly more intense up to your tolerance.  Lymphatic massage helps move toxins out of the body. Massage also assists in soft tissue healing after an injury by reducing scar tissue formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training does the massage therapist have? 

Licensed massage therapists(LMT) go through 1 year of massage school. They learn anatomy and physiology as well as many massage therapy techniques. They must pass an examination to be licensed to practice. Each state has its own scope of practice laws and a LMT cannot practice in a state without being licensed by that state. 

Do I have a massage through my clothes or do I get undressed? 

Massage therapy is performed on the bare skin so the person receiving the massage is unclothed. Sheets are used to drape and people have the choice on whether to be completely unclothed or to wear underware. You can disrobe to your comfort level and your privacy will be respected.

How will the therapist know where to massage and what type of massage to do?

If you are referred for massage therapy as part of your health treatment plan, the doctor will consult with the therapist prior to your initial massage. They will discuss your specific health condition and the therapist will provide the best massage technique to compliment your treatment plan.

Are there any side effects from massage? 

Massage therapy is very safe and side effects are remote. The massage therapist will use lotion as a lubicant to decrease friction on the skin. It is common to have some soreness following a massage, similar to soreness after exercise. It is generally mild. This can be reduce by consuming adequate water pior to and after the massage session.

Appointment Form

Request an appointment by filling out this form or call us at 520-498-0082. 

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Been going to dr weasterman for over 15 yrs,every time i think its hopeless he gets me better,amazing place,amazing staff,i love this place, thank you.

Dennis Ray
Tucson, AZ

Dr. Westerman is the finest, most skilled chiropractor I've ever visited. He is gentle, well-trained, a good listener, and never cajoles a patient into more treatment than is absolutely needed. He is generous with advice on diet & exercise, when asked. His office is pleasant, relaxing and always immaculate. His staff members are kind and efficient. In seven years of visiting NW Health Solutions, I've had only positive experiences. Though I've needed his services less frequently as the years go on - a testament to the long-term benefits of good chiropractic care - the office staff is still great about working me into the day for a quick adjustment whenever I feel I need it. I gladly give NWHS and Dr. Westerman my highest recommendation!

Sandra L.
Tucson, AZ